5 reasons to switch to organic skincare this winter!

Struggling with dehydrated, dry, dull skin this winter? We decode the benefits of organic cosmetics and why you should switch. 

Reason 1: They are better for your skin and overall well-being

In classic, conventional skincare products a large part of the formula is made up of synthetic petrochemical derivatives to influence the scent, texture, colour, etc. They often disregard the health of your skin.

The essence of Organic skincare is to favourise the use of natural ingredients that are much less irritating and minimise the risk of allergies. Certifications and labels were put in place to oversee the market and impose specific norms.

Organic cosmetics, under theCOSMOS label must meet the following requirements:

  • 95% of minimum products of natural origin in the entire product

  • 95% of organic ingredients from all plant-based ingredients

  • 20% minimum of organic origin ingredients in the whole product

  • absence of petrochemical ingredient ( except for authorised preservatives): parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes and synthetic colourants

  • absence of GMO

Skin Affair products meet those requirements to ensure all skin types, including sensitive skin, remain well-balanced and happy.

Reason 2: Organic skin products respect the environment and animal kingdom 

Organic cosmetic guarantee clean manufacturing processes, biodegradable ingredients and recyclable packaging.Ecocert certifies the manufacture of environmentally friendly, biodegradable and recyclable packaging, and strictly prohibits testing on animals.

Reason 3: Organic skincare is effective

Organic skincare comes together when nature and advanced science combine. The objective is to find the most promising molecules of tomorrow from the propitious natural world. Revealing them and taking them to their maximum potential in technical, innovative and safe formulas is the ultimate goal. Organic products have been tried and tested by many, to prove that they work just as well, if not better than conventional skin products.

Reason 4: Great quality for the price

There tend to be stereotypes about the price of organic products being high. We find them more expensive because we are used to low-quality products made up mostly of water and chemicals. Industrial-scale skincare products use cheap, non-beneficial ingredients in order to make a profit and push prices down. Organic products such as Skin Affair vastly outshine these kinds of products in terms of quality as well as the various benefits for your skin and our planet.

Reason 5: we are here to welcome you with a Skin Affair starter kit at only R410. 

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You will always feel good about switching to organic skincare.For those who understand the benefit of choosing produce grown without chemicals, the same is true for skincare - it’s a small price to pay for preventative health.